For those who joined our visit to Emery Walkers House or to Leighton House you may be interested to catch the following:

  1.  The National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition the pre-raphaelite sisters is due to finish on 26 Jan.  It is well worth a visit for the historical context and the background of these ladies who were often talented artists too as well as muses (even if you are not keen on the paintings!). Catch it while you can.
  2. Chanel 4’s George Clark’s Old House New Home a recent episode covering an arts and crafts home near Croydon featured Emery Walkers’ House and the William Morris wallpaper archive and some block printing. This is on All 4 not sure for how long.


  1. says:

    Dear John

    Do you know all this about Fanny Eaton who is part of the Pre Raphaelite exhibition – it was sent to me by someone from the Margravine Cemetery

    ” Fanny Eaton (1835-1924).

    She is buried in an unmarked grave in Margravine Cemetery in the section known as South Front. If you enter the cemetery from Margravine Road it is the area to your right behind the West Lodge. The precise location of her grave is South Front – Row H – Grave 3.

    There is more information available on-line and elsewhere about her than I can hope to provide. But here are a few basics: Fanny Eaton was of mixed race and we are told that she was the daughter of a slave. She came to this country with her mother and thereafter earned her living in various menial jobs. However it was her then striking appearance that attracted the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. (A mulatto face today is commonplace). This made her an ideal model for any Egyptian, Indian or other exotic dark-skinned person in their paintings. She modelled for several well-known painters including D. G. Rossetti and there are plenty of paintings and drawings of her (see attached by SS). She is one of the featured women in the current Pre-Raphaelite Sisters exhibition at the NPG (to 26 Jan). There is obviously a catalogue to go with the exhibition.

    One her of descendants, Brian Eaton, has recently contacted the Friends of Margravine Cemetery. He gets a mention in the exhibition catalogue. I tried to email him recently but this bounced back, so it may not be worth me giving you his address. He has raised the question of marking her grave.”

    All the more reason H&F residents should go


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