Our Newsletters give a brief record of the events during a period and set out the programme for the next period.

150 Winter 2020

149 Spring 2020

148 Winter 2019

147 Summer – Autumn 2019

146 Spring 2019

145 Summer – Autumn 2018

144 Spring 2018

143 Winter 2017

142 Summer-Autumn 2017



139 Summer-Autumn 2016

138 Spring 2016

137 winter 2015

2015 Summer-Autumn

2015 Spring

2014 Winter

2014 Spring-Summer 

2013/14 Winter/Spring

2013 Summer/Autumn

2013 AGM

2013 Spring

2012 Winter

2012 Spring

3 Responses to Newsletters

  1. Eric Burridge says:

    Could anyone tell me if the Hammersmith Post Office sold sweets in the 1940s. My Aunt used to be the post office mistress there for many years, sadly now passed away.

  2. paul says:

    We use to live in 19 stephendale road fulham

    • Col says:

      Hi Paul, would you know the Canfield or Chapman family from either Byam Street or Stephendale Rd?

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