Tour of the Royal Albert Hall on 16 November

26 November, 2013
The Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall Kensington

14 of us enjoyed a private tour of the front of house with a knowledgeable and amusing guide. Those of us who have been to events there were familiar with the miles of corridors and different levels. However we had never seen the Queen’s private staircase or her Withdrawing Room whose walls were lined with pictures of her relatives past and present.
An unexpected and delightful bonus was being able to sit in a box and listen to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra practicing for the evening’s concert, while on a giant screen was the film of ‘Fantasia’. We marveled at the volcano in ‘The Firebird’ and chuckled at the ostrich and hippo ballerinas in ‘The dance of the hours’. There were no other tours following us so our guide was in no hurry. We actually had an hour and a quarter rather than the 45 minutes we were expecting.