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  1. Mr D Lazenby says:

    I have a few (7) 35mm slides which my father took in Dec 1961 when he worked at the Esso Petroleum Depot Dorset Wharf Rainville Road. If these are of interest to you I would be pleased to post them if you let me have an address.
    Derek Lazenby

  2. Lina Moffitt says:

    I am tracing the ancestry of First Fleet marine James Lee. I have a wad of papers that I want to source. Some say he was related to the James Lee (1715-1795) of the famous Vineyard Nursery, Hammersmith but details on ancestry dot com are scanty on either men. I know your HS had a member wrote a book on the JL of the nursery which is not online. Nevertheless, has anyone done his tree? No one can find out whether the marine died in Australia or returned to the UK nor his family tree.

  3. As part of Open House weekend I gave a talk about the history of Mortlake Crematorium. It was the first time the building had been open to be public for this event and the superintendent, Natasha Bradshaw, asked me to research and present the story behind the crematorium on the Sunday afternoon.
    Opened in 1939, it was the first jointly run municipal crematorium with Richmond, Barnes, Hammersmith and Acton being the authorities comprising the Board.
    Would this fully illustrated presentation be of interest to your members?
    Brian Parsons

    • fhhs says:

      Thankyou. I have forwarded your generous offer to our Chairman who will be in touch.

  4. Hi there, I am trying to find a location of the Shell petrol can factory in Fulham. Its major output was during 1914-18 but was clearly active either side of the war – is there a known address please? Many thanks.

  5. Lesley Scott says:

    I wonder if you can help me as I am researching my husband’s family history. Please can you advise me as to how I may find out about 692 Fulham Road, SW6 in 1956 – 1960? I believe that William and Florence Scott had a confectionery shop there.
    Please contact me on scottie19@btinternet.com. Many thanks.

  6. David Girling says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I am a the structural engineer overseeing the refurbishment works to 77 Fulham Palace Road. From the limited information we have managed to access we know that the site was previously home to the Hammersmith power station and coroners court/ mortuary. From the Historical maps we know the building adjacent to Fulham Palace Road was a “pipe factory/ factory” but we don’t know anything more than that. Do you have have any knowledge/images/records for that structure? What it was used for? Do you have know of anyone that used to to work there and could give us some insight into it.

    Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    David Girling
    AKS Ward

    • fhhs says:

      Reply sent direct but LBHF is the best source of information including photograohs, maps, newspapers, directories and card index.

  7. John Conen says:

    I hope that your members may be interested in my book which is scheduled for publication on 10 December.

    John Conen
    9 Scott Close
    Farnham Common, Bucks
    SL2 3HT
    Tel 01753 645880

    ‘Historical events which are frequently mentioned in passing, but never explored in any depth or detail always arouse curiosity. One such event is the Little Blitz on London in the early part of 1944, briefly mentioned in most accounts of the aerial war against the United Kingdom during the Second World War but seldom deemed worthy of more than a few lines.
    The Little Blitz is the name applied to the air raids on Britain which were the manifestation of the Luftwaffe’s Operation Steinbock, planned in the last few months of 1943 and put into effect from the middle of January 1944. The raids, planned as revenge for the destructive RAF raids on Berlin, mainly targeted London – after nearly three years of respite from air raids, the Little Blitz was an unwelcome surprise for Londoners.
    The offensive was largely ineffective but some of the raids caused significant casualties, and caused alarm amongst the population and the authorities. This is the first account of the Little Blitz to explore these raids in detail and assess their impact on London. This book describes the raids, making use of some vivid personal accounts.’

    The Little Blitz: The Luftwaffe’s Last Attack on London
    by John Conen
    • Paperback: 128 pages
    • Publisher: Fonthill Media
    • ISBN-10: 1781553084
    • ISBN-13: 978-1781553084
    • Cover price £14.99

    • During the first part of the war I lived at 3 Colehill Lane Fulham, one time when there was an air raid we were all sitting under the dining room table ( we did not go in shelters as we had a dog and cat ) a bomb fell on the shelter and the blast from it blew our front door off the hinges , it flew along and out of the back door.
      In about 1942 we moved to another flat in New Kings Road, I remember the bomb that fell on Pickfords Depot and another time my deaf Uncle kept telling my Mother and Father that he could not hear the bombs falling and exploding, then suddenly one dropped very near and the wall heaved so much that his head went backwards and forwards, banging against the wall.
      Mother said ” You must have heard that one Jack” and he replied ” I did not hear it but I felt it “.

  8. Hello, I am the official historian of Chelsea Football Club and wondered whether anyone shed light on an historical query.

    Who previously owned the freehold/leasehold of the land on which the L.A.C. version of Stamford Bridge was built, either side of 1876/77?

    I am finishing a new book on the Chaps Who Made Chelsea FC, so would very much appreciate a quick response if at all possible.

    I know Messrs John & Robert Stunt family are mentioned in relation to this land, but I am not certain their property extended beyond Stamford Villas to the south of it.

  9. Gregor Wight says:

    Hi, we would like to invite Chairman Keith Whitehouse to a forthcoming consultation event which may be of interest. Could you please send me the email contact details to g.wight@lds-uk.com. Thank you.

  10. leontine says:

    Hi there, In 2002/2003 your secretary was very kind to my sister who was visitng from Australia. in helping her with some information. My sister is back in the UK and would very much like to make contact again, I believe your secretary from then is retired, would it be OK to get her number/email as my sister would very much like to see and thank her again. If this is possible, could you email me on sitan@cheerful.com. Thanks Leontine.

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