We received this email from Patricia Acock earlier this month asking for help recognising a Hotel from a photo of Charles See a porter there. This links to Contact Us posts in April from Barbara, Geoffrey See and Heather Christine Potts all with See forebears but there may be several lines often with similar names.

Thu, 6 May, 19:40 Hello I am sorry to bother you but yours is the only e mail address I could find for fhhs. Perhaps you would be able to advise me or forward this to someone who can.During lockdown I have been researching my family historyThe ‘See’ family of Hammersmith.I have tried to attach a photo of my great uncle Charles See. In the 1911 census he was living in Standish Road and working as a porter. In the photo is a number 1 on the pillar and I wondered if anyone would know which hotel he worked for. Later he joined the Finsbury rifles and was sadly killed in 1917 aged just 24,In another branch of the family is a John See who won the Doggett Coat and Badge race in 1899, I wondered if your society holds newspapers where this event may be recorded?I live in Northampton so don’t know Hammersmith at all.Thank you for taking time to read this.Pat Acock

As you can see there is no badge or capband to identify the hotel but maybe the singular address may help. A long trawl through online directories may be rewarding. Can you solve this challenge? Whilst we are not a family history site or society we are happy if our Contact Us pages are of assistance.


  1. says:

    There is a member of the See family still living on a boat moored at Furnival Gardens.

    “The moorings at Hope Pier have reportedly been in the See family for five generations [3]. It is believed that Charlie See established the Hammersmith moorings in the early 20th century, he obtained permission from the vicar of St Paul’s living at Westcott Lodge. Charlie was a local waterman, who hired out skiffs and punts, as did other watermen along that stretch of the river. The moorings passed to his son Walter and grandson Alan, both of whom were licensed watermen. When Alan died in 2005, the moorings passed to his son Gary, who is the present owner. Gary See is listed in 192 Directory as a boat builder.”



  2. Christopher Vaughan says:

    Charlie See and his son Allan had the moorings on Lower Mall by The Rutland. They were customers of Moss & Co timber of King Street – our family company, now located in Perivale. My father told me that Charlie often had to pul out bodies floating past his barge on the ebb tide.
    Christopher Vaughan (and yes – I have paid my 2021 sub)

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