Well we are still constrained and cannot meet, we all hope that we will be able to do something soon.  The priority is for everyone to stay safe.  If you have found the quiz a useful way of recalling past visits and landmarks the answers to the June Quiz will not surprise you.  I shall have to try a lot harder for the next quiz.

Alfred Daniels Mural

When we first moved to the area we went to a presentation at the Town Hall on the impressive murals there.  Here is an article from the Spitalfields Life that explores them.  Enjoy and thank Maya for finding this, it also appears in the Library Blog which is always worth a browse.


  1. Jacqueline Finesilver says:

    Thank you for the links to the Spitalfields Life articles on Alfred Daniels. Do you happen to know whether the murals will be retained as a feature of the current Hammersmith ‘Civic Campus’ development?

    Regards, Jacqueline Finesilver


  2. These murals are very rarely seen…they are in fact In an area it’s not really use much or visited now . The vestibule is at the top of the two flights of steps that flank the downstairs entrance of the town hall by the side of the main hall usually access to the main hall now is form the side staircases which is a pity .
    I myself I think I’ve only had occasions to pass them a few times in all the 50 years that I’ve been going to the Town Hall.

  3. Caroline MacMillan says:

    Many thanks.

    Keep safe.

    Good to know we will be able to go back to the archives, I will be there Monday morning, HURRAH. Caroline

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