We are all a little freer now after the easing of restrictions and are able to get out and about more.  We were grateful to be able to book up and visit Kew Gardens, not much of a history link other than the ties to some of the West London Nurserymen and some structures from the Japanese Exhibition, but it was good to walk in some pleasant open space and see the outside of the Palace and other buildings. 

Maya Donelan has provided the following link about Emery Walker’s Emery Walkers Gardengarden. Many of you will be familiar with the inside of the house and its contents and may even have wandered in the garden down to the river bank as we did on the Society’s visit but few will have picked up this wealth of information. Emery Walker’s Garden. We should acknowledge this comes from the London Gardens Trust Blog which you can explore on a rainy day.

Surprised to come across what appears to be Fulham Palace as the centrepiece of a map of gardens in London. Excuse the advert but it may be of interest to the many FP volunteers as well as gardeners.

A London Floral by Natasha Goodfellow (Finch Publishing)

Finally even more off-piste but maintaining the theme – Derek Jarman’s Book published by the Garden Museum brings a different perspective to gardening and his view of the world from his last home on the beach at Dungeness.

ISBN 9781527259164

Back to local history in the next post I promise, stay safe.


  1. Jacqueline Finesilver says:

    Thank you in particular for the link to the information about Emery Walker’s garden. The little video is a treat, with its bottom-of-the-garden view of a sweep of the Thames. After many decades away, I still miss the river very much and when the ‘Mudlarking’ book was published I read it with fascination and envy.

    And although for some time I have had a vague intention of finding out more about Derek Jarman’s garden, I did not know about the Garden Museum exhibition.

    Thank you for all your work on the blogs, not just during the Time of Covid.



  2. susan richards says:

    I meant to say that the Emery Walker House and the William Morris Society are doing some interesting Zoom lectures in the near future. Information should be coming up on the William Morris Society website.



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