As you think of Victory in Europe it is worth a flick through the pages put together by LBHF Archivist.

Also the Flikr collection.

There is an article on the parks during and after the war.

As you would expect it only gets the briefest of mentions in the last pages of our book Fulham in the Second World War.


2 Responses to VE DAY

  1. David Nichols says:

    I am trying to research my family tree and there is listed London, England, City Directories, 1736-1943 for Henry Nicholls
    Pigot, Company London and Provincial Directory
    1940, On Ancestery uk.

    Shows Gloucester Street, St John Street Road.

    at 1 Henry Nicholls Oilman.

    My questing is do you have any information regarding the trade of Oilman and the person at the address.

    I have a brick was with my James Henry Nicholls dob 8th Dec 1925.

    Perhaps this could be him?

    • fhhs says:

      Oil man is a seller of lamp oil – probably like the parafin that used to be sold in the 50/60’s for heating
      See this website .
      Gloucester Street is in Pimlico and there is a St John St there too, so well off our patch. Try looking in Electoral registers and there was a snap survey just before the war which might be available in Libraries.
      Good luck

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