On 2 July a sizeable group from the FHHS and Fulham Palace heard a fascinating illustrated talk by our medical and naval historian Jane Bowden-Dan in the splendid facility that is the Jessie Milne Education Centre at Fulham Palace. We were enlightened about the conditions on board Naval ships at the time in peace and war. This included the shocking statistics on deaths from sickness and injury and how scurvy was defeated with fruit. We learned of Nelson’s career and his relationship with Lady Hamilton and of their brief home together at Merton before leaving for his final campaign that culminated in his death at Trafalgar.

As a bonus a small group went to visit Morden Hall Park on the 18 July. It is a National Trust site that includes the location of Nelson’s long demolished home. There was little trace of the building but one could understand the attraction of such a pleasant location not too far from London. The group were conducted by a National Trust guide.

One Response to OUR DOUBLE NELSON in July

  1. susan richards says:

    So sorry to miss Jane’s talk which I would have found fascinating as I volunteer at Somerset House which originally housed the Navy Office. I was talking with Jane recently at Fulham Palace about Vice-Admiral Sir George Murray who was a great friend of Nelson. A friend of mine who lives in Chichester was telling me about him as he was born and died in Chichester but she thinks that not many people would have heard of him. He was not at the Battle of Trafalgar because he had to sort out family business at home but apparently Nelson refused to appoint anyone in place of him as he said that only Murray would do. But it might have been “kiss me, Murray”! Susan Richards Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2015 18:35:34 +0000 To: s_f_richards@hotmail.com

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